Panče Naumov

Tenured professor at New York University Abu Dhabi, with a cross-appointment at NYU's Molecular Design Institute, and a director of the Center for Smart Engineering Materials. He is a native of Macedonia, where he got a BSc degree from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. After acquiring his PhD in chemistry and materials science from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2004, Dr. Naumov continued his research at the National Institute for Material Science, Osaka University and Kyoto University. The research in his group is related to materials science, focusing on smart materials, crystallography, bioluminescence, and petrolomics.



Kari Rissanen 

Professor of Chemistry at the University of JyväskyläFinland. The research of Rissanen group focuses on the design, synthesis and structures of supramolecular and nano-sized assemblies and the weak intermolecular interaction they manifest. Single crystal X-ray crystallography is an integral part and is heavily involved in all areas of the research group. Projects lie at the interface between synthetic chemistry, structural chemistry and nano-related materials science and aim to the understanding of the weak intermolecular interactions. One major area is the synthesis of receptors for cations, anions and ion-pairs and their recognition properties, e.g. for early detection of cancer.





Michael Zaworotko




Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering, Science Foundation of Ireland Research Professor and co-director of the Synthesis and Solid-State Pharmaceutical Centre, www.sspc.ieHis research activities have focused upon fundamental and applied aspects of crystal engineering since 1990. Currently, metal-organic materials (MOMs), especially microporous and ultramicroporous sorbents, and multi-component pharmaceutical materials (MPMs) such as cocrystals, hydrates and ionic cocrystals are of particular interest. These new materials are aimed at addressing global challenges such as carbon capture, water purification and better medicines. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Learned Society of Wales and the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland. He is also a Member of the Royal Irish Academy.




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