Hydrophobin-Coated Solid Fluorinated Nanoparticles for 19F-MRI

Nazeeha Ayaz, Valentina Dichiarante, Claudia Pigliacelli, Cristina Chirizzi, Francesca Baldelli Bombelli, Pierangelo Metrangolo and others have recently published an article on Advanced Materials Interfaces about "Hydrophobin-Coated Solid Fluorinated Nanoparticles for 19F-MRI".
The full paper can be found at the following link: Hydrophobin-Coated Solid Fluorinated Nanoparticles for 19F-MRI.

Abstract. In recent years, fluorine-magnetic resonance imaging (19F-MRI) has emerged as a promising diagnostic technique, complementary to traditional proton magnetic resonance imaging (1H-MRI) and easily translatable for clinical use, providing in-depth in vivo quantification without the use of radioactive agents. This creates a need for the development of appropriate delivery systems for highly omniphobic fluorinated probes. The use of the film-forming protein hydrophobin (HFBII) represents a sustainable and simple method to invert the philicity of fluorinated surfaces. Here, the ability of HFBII to form a rigid protein monolayer on superfluorinated coatings rendering them hydrophilic is shown, a property that is also retained in biological environment. This approach is then translated to directly disperse a solid superfluorinated 19F-MRI probe, PERFECTA, in aqueous solution through the formation of core-shell hydrophobin stabilized PERFECTA nanoparticles (NPs). The obtained NPs are fully characterized in terms of morphology, magnetic properties, colloidal stability, protein corona formation, cellular viability, and imaging performance.


How to cite the article:
Nazeeha Ayaz, Valentina Dichiarante, Claudia Pigliacelli, Jacopo Repossi, Lara Gazzera, Marta Borreggio, Daniele Maiolo, Cristina Chirizzi, Greta Bergamaschi, Linda Chaabane, Elisa Fasoli, Pierangelo Metrangolo, Francesca Baldelli Bombelli, Hydrophobin-Coated Solid Fluorinated Nanoparticles for 19F-MRI, Adv. Mater. Interfaces. 2021, 2101677
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/admi.202101677



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