Former Collaborators

  • Maurizio UrsiniMaurizio Ursini has been a Laboratory Technician at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "G. Natta" of the Polytechnic of Milan from 1986 to 2022. He collaborated with prof. Tullio Caronna to the synthesis of heteroaromatic compounds obtained by photochemical functionalization of heterocyclic bases and with prof. Dario Ghiringhelli to the synthesis of chiral synthons by enzymatic way. He collaborated with professors Pierangelo Metrangolo and Giuseppe Resnati to the preparation of halogen bond-based nanostructured materials. He is co-author of 22 publications in scientific journals and 1 book chapter.
  • Nazheena
    Nazeeha Ayaz was born and brought up in Chennai, India. She completed her Bachelors in Biotechnology and Masters in Nanoscience and technology from Anna University. Later, she worked as a guest lecturer at Madras University in the department of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. She has been a research fellow under Dr. Chandan Srivastava at Department of Materials Engineering and also under Dr. Ravi Sundaresan at Department of Microbiology and Cell biology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. In 2017, Nazeeha joined SBNLab at Polimi as a PhD student. Her current research focuses on encapsulation of fluorinated compounds for imaging and drug delivery.


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