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    Cristina Chirizzi was born in Lecce in 1989. She studied Molecular Biotechnology in Turin, where in 2013 obtained her MS degree. Thanks to her internship in the Molecular Imaging Center (CIM) at the University of Turin, she became confident with the synthesis of 19F nano-systems for cellular labeling applications. She obtained her PhD in Medical Medicine at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele (2018) with a doctoral thesis titled “Development and optimization of multicolor 19F-MRI for in vivo imaging of immune cells activity”. She then continued as postdoctoral fellow at the IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, where worked on in vitro optimization and evaluation of nanovectors for cellular labelling together with in vivo translation in neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration models. From March 2020 she is a postdoctoral researcher at the Politecnico di Milano. Her research interests are focused on development of self-assembled biomaterials and fluorinated nano-systems development for biological applications.

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    Marta Rosati was born in Vercelli in 1991. She graduated in Chemistry in Turin and she obtained the Master’s degree in Chemical Sciences and Technologies at the University of Milan Bicocca. In the period between the BS and MS degree she had a work experience in the Piedmont Agency for the Environment (ARPA), in Vercelli. In November 2017, she joined SBNLab as PhD student in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and received her PhD in October 2021. Ever since then, she is a postdoctoral researcher at the SupraBionNano group.

  • Anastasios Stergiou

    Anastasios Stergiou spent his childhood in Nafplion, Greece. In 2005, he moved to Patras to study Chemistry and received his BSc in 2010 from the Department of Chemistry at University of Patras. He continued his studies at the University of Crete (Department of Chemistry) and obtained his MSc in isolation and synthesis of natural products (2013), focusing on organic biocatalytic transformations utilizing ketoreductases. In 2014, he joined the Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute at National Hellenic Research Foundation (TCPI-NHRF) in Athens to pursue his doctoral thesis working on carbon-based nanostructured materials for energy applications and earned his PhD in 2017. After, he continued his research activities at the TPCI-NHRF as a postdoctoral researcher focusing on the chemistry and applications (energy, sensors, spintronics) of graphene, fullerenes, layered transition metal dichalcogenides, metal nanoparticles, quantum dots and perovskites. In 2022, he received the “MSCA PF Seal Of Excellence @POLIMI” fellowship and joined the SupraBioNano Lab, exploring halogen bond-based strategies for perovskite materials.



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