Emergence of Elastic Properties in a Minimalist Resilin-Derived Heptapeptide upon Bromination

Posted in Research article, 2022 on Wednesday, 22 June .

Andrea Pizzi, Lorenzo Sori, Claudia Pigliacelli, Alfonso Gautieri, Clara Andolina, Greta Bergamaschi, Alessandro Gori, Pierre Panine, Antonio Mattia Grande, Markus B. Linder, Francesca Baldelli Bombelli, Monica Soncini, Pierangelo Metrangolo

Small 2022, 2200807

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/smll.202200807


Bromination promotes the emergence of elastic behavior in a short peptide—SDSYGAP—derived from resilin, a rubber-like protein exerting its role in the jumping and flight systems of insects.


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