• Bio-Nanomaterials


    Nanomedicine, “the application of nanotechnology to health” has been growing exponentially in the last two decades. In this regard, multifunctional nano-scaled materials have been developed for applications in fields such as drug delivery, diagnostics, biosensing and bioengineering.

  • Crystal Engineering

    Crystal Engineering

    Crystal Engineering (CE) aims at understanding intermolecular interactions in the context of the crystal packing and utilize such understanding in the design and synthesis of new solid-state functional structures with desired physical and chemical properties.

  • Fluorine Chemistry


    Fluorinated chemicals find widespread use in hundreds of applications, such as anti-corrosion or anti-icing coatings, liquid-repellent textiles, oil/water separation, fire-fighting foams, paints, pharmaceuticals, and surfactants.

  • Supramolecular Chemistry

    Supramolecular Chemistry

    Since its discovery, supramolecular chemistry has completely revolutionized the concept of synthesis, allowing for manipulation and production of nanostructured materials based on molecular components held together by noncovalent intermolecular forces.


SupraBioNano Lab

SupraBioNano Logo h147pxWelcome to the Laboratory of Supramolecular and Bio-Nanomaterials (SupraBioNanoLab) where we take inspiration from Nature to engineer the self-assembly and self-organization of biomimetic supramolecular and nanostructured materials with applications ranging from crystal engineering to nanomedicine.

The SupraBioNanoLab

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  • New staff member

    Foto CV dipartimento CPFrom the 1st of September, Dr. Claudia Pigliacelli joined the group as Junior Assistant Professor (RTD-A).

    Welcome Claudia from the whole group!

  • Virtual Seminar on June 17th

    Wednesday, 17 June 2020, h 11 am
    Prof. Loris Rizzello (Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, Barcelona) will give a virtual seminar entitled:
    Polymersomes eradicating intracellular bacteria
    You are all invited to join at the following link:

    Link to the virtual seminar


  • Virtual DCMIC Seminar Series

    virtual seminar bannerVirtual Seminar Series organized by the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta" waiting to be able to resume the live activity. These virtual research seminars will involve internationally renowned scientists offering latest insights in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, science and materials engineering, and bioengineering.

    For more information: https://www.cmic.polimi.it/en/department/virtual-dcmic-seminar-series/

    Free Registration: https://indico.chem.polimi.it/event/15/

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